Sensei Henry Francis

4th dan wado-ryu karate
5th dan sankukai karate
1st degree black belt – Tae Kwon Do
1st degree black belt – wing chun
1st dan shotokan karate
black tag kung-fu

Sensei Henry Francis started karate in 1975 in Ealing. He learned the art of karate under the direction first of Barry Barnett then Sensei’s John James and Eamonn McKinney.

Henry was a keen competitor, he started competing as a yellow belt and quickly advanced its status in the competition circuit, wining numerous titles, as he progressed up the grades he became a formidable fighter wining an increasing number of national and international competitions.

In 1980 Henry Francis and Peter Harris took over and become the new senseis of Ealing karate club, when sensei’s James and McKinney had decided to leave the area.

This challenge was taken by Sensei Francis as an opportunity to develop his skills and those around him, as joint leader of Ealing karate club he set himself the task of pushing the club into a leading position within the UK karate scene, through attending karate courses and summer schools demonstrating his commitment to further himself as a kareteka.

During the next ten years Henry and Peter saw the club grow and develop. This growth lead to success both nationally and internationally.

Maintaining his commitment to the development of his students Henry continued to compete both nationally and internationally. During this time Henry branched out and started another karate club; eventually leaving Ealing to focus on Heiwa Karate Kai.

Henry is currently a 4th Dan (achieved in 1992) instructor affiliated with Higashi Karate Association. Henry became the squad coach for the Harrow team in the London Youth Games in 2004. Building the borough team to give harrow a wining karate team.

Recently Henry has opened a club in Harrow, following his commitment to karate he is training his student to compete at national and international level, demanding and delivering the highest standard in karate.


Collin Heath

Congratulations to Collin on achieving his fourth Dan, black belt