Welcome to Heiwa Karate Clubs.

Karate is an exciting, action packed and rewarding sport.The regular practice of karate will improve fitness, vitality, discipline and can also help with weight control. Karate can either be a casual sport great for the whole family or extremely competitive depending on how hard you are prepared to work, but remember hard work can be very rewarding. Heiwa Karate Club offer a fun way to gain agility and body awareness, while allowing students to feel and be more confident with themselves, their body and their surroundings. Our club aims to give students self-defence skills that will be useful throughout their lives. We promote new and old students to develop their skills for competition level, at a national and international level.

Heiwa Karate clubs have been founded by Henry Francis, currently a 4th Dan karate instructor affiliated with Higashi karate association. Henry Francis is also the squad coach for the borough of Harrow karate team in the London Youth Games. Henry Francis has been a Karate instructor for the last thirty-five years, training some of the best talents in the UK.

We welcome anyone, between the ages of 5 to 80, regardless of experience, fitness or background. We also welcome people from other disciplines who want to explore and expand their knowledge of martial arts into new and exiting areas.

We aim to give our students an exiting and practical approach to Karate, through a comprehensive teaching structure that will get students to understand and appreciate Karate for all its potential.